“I soon realised the value that she provides as both a business owner, but also as a business coach.

It didn’t take long for Shannyn to realise that I needed to work on personal development before I could work on the business, which I believe helped me to grow as a leader in preparation for the business growth that was inevitable.

Shannyn comes with a kit-bag full of tools that I regularly use, both personally, and with our team.”

The CRM Team – Krys Sutton
Technology Consulting Business



In addition to education on core business fundamentals, Shannyn helped reconcile a dissonance I had between my personal values and business requirements. We did this by defining core business values, creating a decision-making framework based on these values and then implementing business values in operations.


The work I’ve done with Shannyn has definitely helped me make better business decisions and establish The right people in the business, the best procedures/processes, and the best strategy for employee management  (hours, incentives, etc.).

Wellness Chiropractic – Dr Christian Varney
Chiropractor and Business Owner

Absolutely I’d 100% recommend Shannyn, and think she could work with any business and industry.”

What makes Shannyn special: “She’s extremely open-minded, and her set of skills and vast store of knowledge are extremely fundamental and adaptable to just about any business. If I had to choose, I’d say that because of her more personal and hands-on approach, she’d probably be the best fit for small and medium businesses. She’s very intuitive, a great communicator, and very emotionally aware, which makes her perfect to deal with human, cultural and other emotionally sensitive issues…. There’s a couple of things I especially like about working with Shannyn: She’s really involved and goes very in-depth into the issues, and asks a lot of questions. She offers radically different perspectives and lenses for resolving challenges with staff and people outside the business.

She’s very efficient with communication without taking us space on my head.

Tim Duggal – Mobile Monster
CEO and Founder



“Goal-setting and identifying business KPI’s has been one of the best things we’ve done so far. I now have objectives to measure progress against, and milestones to aspire to. I really feel as though I’m finally on the right track.


It’s really hard to specify or isolate outcomes. The aggregated value Shannyn has delivered is an integral part of the business’ growth in the last 12 months. Shannyn is a crucial piece in the puzzle.


One thing I didn’t really expect from a business coach the relationship, familiarity, humour and understanding I would develop with Shannyn.”


Working Well Together – Michael Plowright

I enjoyed 6 life-coaching sessions with Shannyn Merlo during which I learned how to identify the areas I need to work on, how to communicate with my partner better and how to think about defining moments in your life and how to become a better and happier person. Any person interested in self-improvement and self-development will certainly find value in such sessions. Thank you, Shannyn!


Shannyn is an accomplished, engaging coach, very clear on her role as ‘facilitator’: facilitating greater self-understanding and ultimately change and growth, through the use of a range of activities which always place the coachee at the centre of the process. Shannyn is extremely supportive, committed and reliable. When she says she will follow a session with an email containing notes from your discussions, she does it straight away. If she says she’s going to check in with you about your ‘homework’ or goal, she does it. And in all her interactions with you, Shannyn is incredibly gracious, respectful and clear in her communication. Nothing is left unattended, from letting you know exactly what to expect from life coaching, to checking in to see if you need anything further at the end of each session to comfortably and safely end the interaction.


Shannyn has the skill of seeing beyond words and allows clients to understand things from another point of view. When one is in the path of being an entrepreneur – which it was my case –  one often deals with his deepest fears and must face it to make things happen. On the six sessions that we worked together, Shannyn helped to understand the importance of body and mind. I went from being anxious about my future to feel settle and secure about my decisions. I started meditating, created an image of my future self and learned how to embrace uncertainty – this is a difficult one – We worked together to generate a structure of my goals and developed a way to do things in a different way. I really recommend Shannyn as a coach whether it is for those who are in an exciting time but they don’t know where to start or those who are completely lost and need to see future with more clarity.


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