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Shannyn Merlo
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You probably started your business because you were passionate about your offering. And the opportunity to be your own boss meant more freedom, more money and less dealing with other people’s problems!

I’m guessing it might not be playing out that way though… 

Because delivering your offering is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to running a business. Who knew you also need to be an expert at marketing, sales, finance, tech, operations, HR and management?!

But wearing all these hats isn’t the worst thing about running a small business. The worst thing is that many small business owners are actually earning less than they were in their employed roles! 

This isn’t how it should be and believe it or not, it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated to scale your business. You can have a business that’s profitable, AND get to live a life that you love. 

In this one-hour free masterclass, your presenter, Shannyn Merlo will be taking the mystery away from how to run and grow your small business.

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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023 06:00 PM

Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Friday Feb 24, 2023 10:00 AM

Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Friday Feb 24, 2023


06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

10:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney




1 Hour

1 Hour


Our Presenter

Shannyn Merlo

Our presenter, Shannyn Merlo, founder of Inspired Outcomes Consulting, is known for her engaging, energetic presentations, and clear communication style. Shannyn is passionate about helping small business owners create better, happier, and healthier businesses and people. 

You can keep doing things the same way and getting the same result, or you could use this webinar to finally make changes in the business and get the freedom and financial rewards you deserve.

Frequently Asked


Is the Masterclass being recorded?

No! We are not recording it, so please ensure you have it in your diary and attend.

Do I need to prepare?

Not at all (except for perhaps your beverage of choice and a pen)! 

What does it cost?

It’s free.

Will this be a "hard sell" sales webinar?

Not at all! We are passionate about helping small business owners to grow. The Masterclass will give you suggestions and recommendations to implement into your business. Obviously if you’d like us to assist – we are here to help.

Unlock Business Success for Free

Join Our FREE Master Class

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