We’ve created a bunch of templates to assist our clients in running their business.

Feel free to download them here – you don’t need to give us your email, we don’t like to waste your time with forms. However, if you like them, please feel free to share, and connect with us on LinkedIn here or connect with our founder Shannyn Merlo.

90 Day Outcomes

Get your outcomes on track, by setting measurable goals every 90 days. You and your team’s activities should all be working towards the achievement of these goals. If you’re familiar with overwhelm, it’s important to break up the goal into bite-sized pieces. Remember, eating an elephant takes one bite at a time!



Short and Sweet Business Plan

We don’t like planning for the sake of it, but you have to know what you’re looking to achieve in your business. Are you clear on what you stand for, so you’re developing an enduring organisational culture? Do you know what products and marketing activities you’re focusing on? Check out our business plan to help guide your thoughts.



Weekly Planner

We’re a bit old school and created this planner to plan our week out. We like it, you might too!



Organisational Audit

Coming soon

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