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The Sounding Board Collective

Make decisions. Gain support. Get results.

Become part of our dynamic collective of business leaders; tapping into a wealth of diverse industry knowledge and enjoy in-person gatherings that combat the isolation of running a business.

Expect collaboration, expert guidance, and an atmosphere rooted in respect, fostering personal and professional growth.

We Get It: It’s Lonely At The Top...

Scaling businesses, managing teams, and navigating markets often leave business owners feeling isolated. Making crucial decisions can weigh heavily when all the responsibility rests on your shoulders.

But… What if you had a group of business owners you could rely on as your personal sounding board – a team of individuals who challenge your assumptions, see what you can’t, and offer guidance or suggestions based on different learned and industry experiences? 

It wouldn’t be so lonely then!

That's exactly why we created the Sounding Board Collective!

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What is The Sounding Board Collective?

The Sounding Board Collective is a group of Sounding Boards made up of approx 10 non-competing small business owners, a skilled facilitator to drive discussions and work towards your outcomes and, where applicable, industry experts.

The Sounding Board meets face to face monthly and leverages the power of the people in the room to:

Elevate your thinking

Make critical business decisions

Gain support

Celebrate your wins

Who Is It For?

The Sounding Board Collective is perfect for:

Small business owners with teams

You’ve hit that million-dollar milestone, but as you continue to grow, business owners often face challenges related to complexity in operations, team management and maintaining profitability, all while feeling the pressure of increased strategic decision-making.

Through collaborative problem-solving, shared insights, and exposure to experts, members can gain valuable strategies to streamline operations, explore new markets, and implement growth-oriented tactics.

Microbusiness looking to scale

If you’re out of start-up mode and focused on establishing a strong foothold in your market, need effective marketing on a limited budget, and need to optimise internal processes as you grow, this Sounding Board is for you. You’re at a pivotal stage where growth decisions significantly impact future success. 

The Sounding Board Collective provides a facilitated platform for peer-driven discussions, expert insights, and collaborative problem-solving. Members can refine their marketing approaches, streamline operations, and gain clarity on key growth steps. 

Not sure where you fit, but want to be a part of it?
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The Sounding Board Collective Guiding Principle

  • What’s Said in the Room Stays in the Room

  • Rising Tides Carry All Boats

    • We have a growth mindset and foster positivity for the growth of all members
    • Although we have different challenges, we all have something to offer and something to learn

  • Growth is Good

    • Pushing members outside their comfort zone, to expand thinking for growth personally and professionally

  • Contribution to Others Benefits Everyone

    • We are a collective that knows the value of supporting others. We give to each other and to the community at large.

How Does It Work?

Meetings are held for half a day monthly in South Melbourne or our Members’ offices around the Melbourne area.

Meetings are structured to meet the unique needs of The Sounding Boards.

However, most meetings will include:

  • Customised Learning from Experts

    We bring in industry leaders to share their expertise, uncover trends, and offer guidance on common challenges. 

  • Collective Problem-Solving

    Your challenges, The Sounding Board’s collective solutions. Members present their business hurdles, and guided by a skilled facilitator, the group collaborates to provide advice, valuable insights, and actionable solutions. 

  • Success Strategies Exchange

    Share recent successes and impactful insights that have ignited positive transformations. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Register an enquiry and we will be in touch with more information.

Our first Sounding Boards commence in October 2023. This pilot program will run for 6 months.

Be A Part of The Sounding Board Pilot!

Becoming a member of the pilot invites you to help define and refine The Sounding Board Collective. 

You will be asked to give constructive feedback so that we can refine The Sounding Board Collective to be a valuable support program for business owners. Your insights will be instrumental in fine-tuning this exclusive community for business owners. Moreover, as a gesture of gratitude, your participation also guarantees you access to future Foundation Member Pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from peer support groups?

Peer support groups can provide a platform for sharing best practices, brainstorming solutions, gain exposure to different industries, backgrounds, and approaches, which can stimulate creativity and problem-solving. However,  groups can be dominated by single strong personalities, or talking points get so far off topic that it only values one or two members of the group.


Our meetings will be facilitated to ensure maximum impact and engagement of all members of The Sounding Board.

What if I can’t attend F2F?

Online options will be available for members who are unable to attend sessions however this is a face-to-face program held in Melbourne.

Who will be facilitating the Sounding Boards?

Shannyn Merlo from Inspired Outcomes Consulting will be your facilitator. Shannyn is known for her engaging, patient and direct style. As a facilitator, she works towards practical solutions, reaching key stakeholders’ outcomes and is passionate about ensuring that each person contributes meaningfully to the conversation.

How will the pilot be different from the normal program?

Ongoing, the Sounding Boards will be a 12-month commitment. Pilot Program pricing will only be valid for the Pilot Program. During the Pilot Program, we will be asking members to provide feedback and insights to guide product development and marketing.


Want to know more?

Send us an enquiry and we will get in touch with more information. 

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