Habits of Highly Productive Small Business Owners

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Anyone who knows me knows not to use the word “busy” in front of me! If you want to be a highly productive small business owner, you don’t have time to be winging about being “too busy”!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jovana from Bumper Leads, on her podcast, Fall In Love With Your Business Again. We talked about a lot of activities to be highly productive.

How to be highly productive

Jovana noted her key takeaways from this interview as:

  • Record your own affirmations (in your voice) and listen to them every morning;
  • Why gratitude helps find balance so that we can enjoy our ups and downs as business owners;
  • Why being busy isn’t making us look good as business owners
  • How to tackle fear and turn it into an opportunity
  • Our biggest barrier to growth is us
  • How to manage change as a leader of large teams; and,

Jovana’s business, Bumper Leads is a marketing automation business. She’s all about efficiency in creating automations that reduces time spent manually doing stuff!


I talk a lot about personal development in this podcast. Reality is, that our businesses can only grow as fast as we are willing to grow internally. We have to be prepared to adapt and change in order to keep pace.

Creating habits that improve our productivity is a non-negotiable on that pathway to personal growth. I’d love to hear the things that you do or have done to create habits of personal effectiveness and productivity. Leave a comment!  

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