How to have it all, and have a good time doing it – Unicorns and Fairy Floss (Part 1)

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How to have it all, and have a good time doing it – Unicorns and Fairy Floss (Part 1)


I’ve realised that I’ve been writing a lot about passion in business, and re-igniting that passion. I wondered why this might be and what I’ve concluded is that as we go on the journey of life, even the most optimistic, goal-driven person, can lose their vision of the future.

Yep, true, happens to the best of us… How did we lose our way?

I’ve realised I’m getting involved with business owners either when the passion is waning and business is getting tedious, or the business is at that tipping point where the business owner is shifting from technician (on the tools) to entrepreneur (on the business).

If you’re in either of the above categories you’ve probably been in business for a while, and you’re probably successful enough. You’ve probably got OK profit; but it could be better. You’ve got an OK team, but they’re a bit lacklustre. Your relationships are so-so, your health is… well it could be better. You’ve probably made small incremental changes in business, but nothing really changes overall and life is just ticking along… and if we were going to describe it, let’s just call it beige.


You and your team have gotten comfortable with the status quo, because there is no fundamental “problem” to solve.

However, I bet, if you pulled out the dusty old business plan, or “ideas” book, Evernote list or PostIt note pack you would see written in there a bunch of things that were once part of your vision. Grand plans for a wildly successful business, that have since been left to die.

Now, to get it all back…!

If you’ve undertaken any personal development, you will know that passion is invigorated by having a compelling vision of the future. Defining not only what we want our future to be, but how we want to BE in that future is one of the foundation activities that is used to keep passion alive.

Why is this important?

I have a “Unicorns and Fairy floss” philosophy. Yep… this is my term and it means that I believe we can have it all; IF we know what “all” is AND we focus our attention to get it. We can have profitable businesses, we can do good in the world, we can have a great team, we can be healthy, we can have deep, meaningful, loving relationships, and above it all, we can be joyful, playful, masterful and happy. We can have it all.

A compelling vision means…

  • Excitement about the future replaces the drudgery of the day to day
  • The little things are less distracting, because the big picture brings you back to why you’re doing it in the first place
  • You attract like-minded people (clients, referral partners, team members), because your ideas and your passion is infectious
  • Team members perform better, because they feel like they are part of something bigger


New Financial Year is Fast Approaching – get clear on your vision now!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we are fast approaching the end of the financial year…. (gulp). So if ever there ever was an epic time to revisit your vision… now is the time!

Here are a couple of questions to evoke your thoughts about your vision. Take yourself away to a happy place (a park, by the beach, in the back garden), just don’t do this in the office or where there are going to be interruptions… please!

Consider the next 3-5 years and then write your responses to the following questions.

  • People care about what I / we do because…
  • My business and I refuse to…
  • Clients and team members come to my business because…
  • I feel…… about my business because….
  • I feel……… about my personal life, my health, my relationships, my wealth because….

You may ask why there are no questions about dollars earned or net worth. That’s a goal, not a vision. A vision is about how you want to experience your life.

That’s cool, do you have anything else?

I take clients through a detailed vision exercise when looking to build their strategy. This is important because there is no point building a plan that doesn’t align with future desires! If you’d like access to the full document, check it out here.

What do I do after that?

Having a vision is great, but after that is the bit that needs to happen to create change. My next blog will provide details on how to operationalise your vision. In the meantime consider:

  • What could you start that would make the most impact?
  • What’s the one thing that you can do right now that you’ve been avoiding?
  • What’s the smallest project or innovation that could reignite the passion?
  • What’s the thing that sparks joy or would do if it was dealt with?

Take action, put it on the To Do list and do it now!

What to do next:

If you’re like me and you like collaborating to get clear, get in touch. We can work together to create an action plan to achieve your vision!

With the financial year coming up, now is the perfect time!

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