Social Media Introvert? – How To Get Social Authentically

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Social Media Introvert? – How To Get Social Authentically

You Simply Can’t Ignore Social Media

Does the idea of being social on Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms make you cringe?

Does it feel icky, inauthentic and anxiety provoking?

If you are at the helm of a small to medium enterprise, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to get over your issues to grow your business and serve your community on social… Yep, you heard me right, your issues.

According to global marketing agency, We are Social, over half the population is using the internet, and that includes half using a smartphone.  37% of the global population are active social media users and this number is increasing year on year (it increased 21% since 2015!!!). Check out the stats.

“Sure” I hear you say, “I’ve heard that I need to be more involved in social media, but it’s not stopping me from growing my business…” Well, friends maybe it is.

If you’re hiding under the rug, thinking that you don’t have to join the social trend, I’m sorry (#notsorry) to tell you that the environment is changing. If you fail to move with the times, your business will be left behind.

“But I don’t wanna….” (throws toys out of pram)…

OK, I hear you, but what if going social isn’t actually about you but about connecting with potential prospects?


It’s not about you

If the purpose of your business is to help others in some way shape or form, then the need to go social has nothing to do with you. It’s about how you can add value to others through your connection to them. What is it that you can teach, share and provide support on that will add value to other’s lives?

If you are stuck in your fears around being social online, you’re making it all about you. You’re failing to see how using this strategy in a way that is authentic, genuine and has the intent to add value will help your business. Being active and genuine will add value to other’s lives, and by virtue of that… your business and your life.

Do social media marketing the right way.  That is, with an understanding of how it links back to the purpose of your business. Get onto groups where your ideal customers hang out.  Then give advice, share information, provide support to them, nurture them. Give value. I’ve  found that if you give authentic value, make genuine connections and provide your expertise, this will, without a doubt, positively impact your business’s bottom line

What are your thoughts on this, let me know?


What to do next:

I live and breathe helping business owners get the clarity needed to continue going forward, and this is without a doubt my deep passion and purpose; I absolutely love what I do. If you want to have a chat about how I help you achieve your goal, get in touch.

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