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Do you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail as a business owner?

Whether you’re doing consistent $10K months or running a 7 figure business, there are always new challenges and new levels of learning in order to run healthy, profitable business.

There’s no point in sugarcoating it. Running a business is hard… like REALLY hard.

From marketing, strategy and sales to finance, tech, operations and HR, if you’re anything like the hundreds of small business owners I’ve worked with, you’re probably feeling like you need to do a better job at being CEO (aka Chief Everything Officer).

That’s why, sometimes, we all need a bit of help to move through our growing pains and get to that next level in our business journeys.
Our six-month group mastermind has been designed to offer exactly that.

As a service-based small business owner, I’m going to guess you started the business because you’re good at what you do

I bet the momentum so far has been exhilarating and fun… hard, but at least there’s no boss looking over your shoulder.

But as you continue down the path of business ownership, you’re coming to realise that there’s stuff you just don’t know when it comes to growing your business strategically and sustainably.
Instead, you’re probably feeling like you’re constantly chasing your tail. 
To get out (and stay out) of the overwhelm you need a plan that is equal parts strategic and practical.
This mastermind will deliver that (and so much more).

Ready to spend less time on the tools in your business and more time effectively steering the ship?

In this six-month group mastermind, you’ll develop a plan that will help you turn your business into a purposeful and structured operation that’s able to produce replicable results, so you can set up your next level of business growth.

You will learn how to:

To Get Started
This program is designed for business owners who are fully committed to their success, which is
why there isn’t an open application process.
To express your interest in either the online or face-to-face Mastermind,
book a 30-minute zoom call here.

You’ll meet Shannyn, who will ensure the Mastermind is right for you and get you started if it is.

Based on your goals, we’ll match you with the perfect group of fellow masterminders and confirm your start date.

The Details:

Once you’ve been accepted into the Mastermind program, we’ll immediately start laying stronger foundations for your business with:

  • A 90-minute business audit and goal-setting session with Shannyn, so you know where your business is performing well, where you need to improve, and can put a plan in place to become more profitable.
  • Access to Business Made Simple University, an online training platform that will help you optimise your business for revenue and profit.
  • DiSC profile personality testing to understand and unpack how you’re wired; helping you become a better communicator, better salesperson and leader and stop self-sabotaging.
  • Access to Shannyn’s brain for ad-hoc support via Slack

Mastermind options:

Face to face (Melbourne with online check in) 

On the 1st Saturday of the month 

On the 3rd Thursday of the month

10 am – 2pm (4 hours)

8 am – 9 am (1 hour) by zoom

Online only

Fortnightly on Wednesday

8 am – 9.30 am (1.5 hours)


First instalment (due immediately upon application acceptance) – $997 + GST

Second instalment:

  • Option 1: 1 x upfront payment (due prior to the commencement of group sessions) of $2236.50 + GST (includes a 10% discount)
  • Option 2: 5 x monthly payments of $497 + GST



Places are strictly limited to 10 people.

We won’t invite you in unless we think you’re a good fit for the Masterminds. Your first onboarding call will also allow us to know your business in more detail to ensure we customise the program for your specific circumstances.

No. You will need to have been in business for a little while before the applications of this Masterclass will suit you. During our expression of interest chat, we will be sure you have the foundations needed to make the most of the program.

Notes for sessions will be provided and parts of the sessions will be recorded.

Yes. If you choose to pay in instalments, after your first payment, you will be billed monthly.

We ask that you be committed to attending for the six months. Request for cancellation will only be accepted on a case by case basis and will be subject to cancellation fees.


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