For when it's time to...


Improve leadership and communication skills


Build meaningful values that drive performance


Foster teams that take responsibility and initiative


Implement a change throughout your business


Unify your team around a common goal


Tackle a unique problem that touches many stakeholders

We offer a wide range of practical and personalised workshops, let by Inspired Outcomes Consulting founder, Shannyn Merlo

In every workshop, Shannyn brings the wisdom that comes with over 25 years of business experience and couples this with an ability to make all participants feel welcome, informed and entertained.

Our bespoke workshops are tailored to your goals, timelines and budgets.

They can be delivered: 

  • Online or Face to Face

  • As a once-off event or recurring sessions

  • With one or multiple facilitators

  • With on-the-day activities and workbooks

  • Groups of five to 50

  • With post-workshop actions plans and accountability

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To us, making sure we’re the right fit, with the right solutions for your unique challenges, is more important than growing our bottom line.

 We’ll never be afraid to tell you if we’re not the right person for the job.


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