Keys To Business Success: Mindset & Structure

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Keys To Business Success: Mindset & Structure

The key to your business’s success


If you were to ask me the secret to success in business, and in fact, in life, I’m pretty sure I have the answer…

Are you ready? I believe the key to success in business and life is… Mindset and structure.

“Ok”, I hear you saying, “well that’s not that profound”.

I would agree.  However, if coaching clients has taught me anything it’s that if you have neither a great mindset, nor a great structure, you have almost no chance of success.  If you have one, you’re half way there.  If you’ve got both you are ready to kick things up a notch!

As business owners we are constantly challenged. If you’re doing business and life “right” you will be stepping outside of your comfort zone so often that you have perpetual nausea. Mindset is the only thing that will keep you on track while everything in your body is screaming ‘Stop this now, danger, danger go back!’ A strong mindset backs you, cheers you on and picks you up when you’ve had “that” day. It’s the mindset that keeps you sticking your neck out while you feel like it’s on the chopping block! The business owners with the strongest mindsets are the ones that dust themselves off after a setback and have the grit to keep going.

So, I hear you say, “awesome, I believe I have that mindset, but I’m still not going anywhere….” My question to you then is… How’s your structure?

So often, I see clients that lack clear and tangible, measurable goals. If they have a clear goal, they often fail to break them down into manageable chunks. Then further they fail to have a mechanism to check whether the way things are being done are improving on the last year / quarter / month. As a result they spend most of their time spinning their wheels in an overwhelmed state.  Or continuing to do things that are inefficient simply because that’s the way it has always been done.

When working with clients I find I’m often switching between mindset and structure..  The two concepts are inexplicably entwined with your business success. When the business grows there needs to be an expansion of mindset and beliefs about the business. Further to that, your own personal capacity to cope with the growth needs to grow. Then conversely, as the business grows, the structure often needs to change to support the growth; either to support new systems, new staff, new clients or all of the above.

Here are my top recommendations for building an awesome mindset:

  1. Know the purpose of what you’re doing. This is the driving force behind you. Remind yourself of why you do what you do.
  2. Identify when you’ve had a success mindset in the past, and focus on what it was that you were telling yourself at that time
  3. Remind yourself daily of what makes you / your business / your product unique and special. Focus on your point of difference and why it makes your business unique and special
  4. Practice gratitude (there is so much evidence that shows that gratitude is one of the best ways to shift into a more grounded, and yet more open to change mindset.)


Here are my top tips for building an awesome structure:

  1. If you don’t have a plan, block out two hours in your diary right now, and work out what it is you’re looking to achieve in the next 12 months
  2. Use the 90 day goal setting template to break that up into this next quarter’s worth of work
  3. Break down each goal into smaller parts; sometimes looking at this on a monthly basis is helpful
  4. Consider what the key performance indicators are that will keep you on track to know whether your goals are on track.
  5. Know what your pain points are and look at ways to improve general efficiency around them. Building systems and processes are an important way of staying on track in business.

I’d love to hear whether you’re in the mindset or the structure lane right now, so leave a comment or send me an email. If you need clarity on the area that you need to focus on right now, contact me for a chat to see if we’re a match.

In the meantime, check out my 90 day goal setting template to help get some structure.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing – Walt Disney


What to do next:

I live and breathe helping business owners get the clarity needed to continue going forward, and this is without a doubt my deep passion and purpose; I absolutely love what I do. If you want to have a chat about how I help you achieve your goal, get in touch.

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